Accounting Practice Boards


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22 page laminated accounting practice boards including whiteboard marker and mini felt eraser.


  1. Posting Rules poster
  2. T – Accounts
  3. General Ledger
  4. Transaction Analysis
  5. Keywords for Cash Transactions
  6. Source Document – Cash Receipt and CRJ (poster)
  7. Source Document – Cheque and Cheque Counterfoil (poster)
  8. Source Document – Petty Cash Voucher and PCJ (poster)
  9. Keywords for Credit Transactions
  10. Debtors Summary Poster
  11. Source Document – Duplicate Tax Invoice and DJ (poster)
  12. Source Document – Duplicate Credit Notes and DAJ (poster)
  13. Creditors Summary Poster
  14. Source Document – Original Tax Invoice and CJ (poster)
  15. Source Document – Duplicate Debit Note and CAJ (poster)

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