The EMS and Accounting Specialists Since 2003

The approach of your books is unique and the beautiful illustrations, colours, tips and reminders throughout every page of this textbook teach accounting in an unintimidating way.

Basic concepts are beautifully explained and exercised throughout the book, so learning is reinforced continuously, and the learner makes the connection between all the building blocks of accounting.

Each page is filled with tips and information to help the learner make a success of accounting and builds a solid foundation for progression to Grade 10 and beyond.

I love the tear out pages and the built-in assessments that can be used for informal as well as formal assessments. There are beautiful built-in charts and tables to help learners memorize the basic concepts along with goal setting and plotting their results and progress to motivate and inspire.

The books are thoroughly modern and up to date bringing the real world to school accounting. These textbooks also challenge the learners, they are capable of so much more than we think, and this book leads them expertly through the stages.

It really is a head, heart and hand learning experience and I commend the author’s and publishers of these lovely books. Most importantly the children thoroughly enjoy them!

Dawn Whitehead

St Dominics New Castle


Hi Wade. We have just done a couple of pages in the grade 8 and 9 Accounting workbooks. I must say that there is a huge improvement from last year man. Just trying to get them to understand the Accounting concepts and Accounting Equation – the AOL video backed this up so nicely. I am really enjoying the textbooks, thanks!

Moses Hlongwane

Brescia House School

Prior to using the Wamark Workbooks, teaching EMS was one big headache! I always felt I was doing a half cooked job.

Now I look forward to going to class! I can now also give homework regularly. There is now alot more interaction – we discuss and then we do!

The learners’ results are much better – many learners achieving 100% for some of the activities. The standard of the work has been pitched just right.

PS Thank you for the Budget Speech DVD and worksheet. The learners thoroughly enjoyed it.

Gail Cousins

Theodor Herzl High

This is my first year teaching EMS and I have found that the lesson plans have made my preparation much easier. My teaching is meaningful. I find the material to be appropriate as all the topics and content have been covered. The learners and I are benefiting from the use of the material.

The learners have received the material in an open minded way – the specific content remains challenging and educational. The level of language used sets a serious tone for EMS. The workbooks are of a high but appropriate standard.

S Louw

St Catherine's Convent

Ek het 5 handboeke gehad waaruit ek my werk saamgestel het. Al die handboeke het nie al die werk nie. So moes ek baie bywerk.

Die Wamark werkboeke help baie aangesien dit aan CAPS standaard voldoen. Die werkboeke is volledig en ek hoef niks by te werk nie.

M Barnard

Hoërskool Dinamika

I am a first time teacher and find the workbooks very helpful and easy to use. They have made my teaching experience a lot easier. The content covers some interesting topics without overwhelming the students. They are gaining skills and knowledge and actively participate in set tasks in the workbook.

The average results have been positive ranging from 60 – 70%.

C Preston

St Dunstan's College

Prior to using the Wamark workbooks, I found it difficult to do research and make notes to supplement the resources issued by the school. I found them a bit superficial and lacking in application.

I have just started using the EMS workbooks and they are life changing. They are relevant and I love the application activities. They have saved me an enormous amount of time and effort.

The leaners have been using the workbooks for a week now and thus far have been impressed by them.

Yvonne Haviland

Umhlanga Jewish School

I found that combined textbooks for EMS and Accounting are confusing for the learners. Teaching time is also lost when learners have to draw up the accounting books for their answers.

Wamark’s support material, especially the educator’s guide (on CD) and lesson plans, saves time and assists me in completing all the work for the year.

The accounting educator guide has mark allocations which allows the learners to mark their own work and evaluate their progress on the Plot your progress Chart at the front of their books.

Teaching at a school where learners have learning challenges is difficult but the Wamark workbooks have produced motivated learners and good results.

Excellent workbooks, excellent service. A win-win situation for both learners and teachers.

C Duif

Newton House College

Previous resource material had activities that seemed to be a waste of time and there were not enough accounting exercises.

The Wamark accounting workbooks have many exercises for the learners to practice and I often use the resources from the website to help when setting tests and exams.

Last year (2014) our Grade 9’s followed a textbook – the work was vague, not enough practice and the accounting was very superficial – not many learners chose to do accounting in grade 10 🙁

Experience has taught us that leaners feel more confident taking accounting in grade 10 when using the Wamark accounting workbooks. At least they can focus, be challenged and enjoy doing accounting.

PS! Thank you for always providing friendly and efficient service.

D Meiring

Parktown Girls High School

Prior to using Wamark workbooks, printing of worksheets/journals/ledgers etc. was time consuming and expensive.

Using the workbooks has given me access to resources and materials and I spend much less time doing online research.

The case studies are relevant and contemporary which encourages the learners to engage in lessons.

The learners’ results have improved and the learners are able to manage their work more effectively.

Y Timol

Grantley College

Previous resource material did not meet departmental requirements. There were no activities that were recent and relevant. Also no tests were included.

I feel a lot more confident. My students always have work and are challenged by the worksheets. Many times the website has also provided me with worksheets when teachers are absent.

The activities stimulate interesting discussions in class. The learners find the worksheets challenging and rewarding when they get the answers correct. There is an overall increase in the degree of enjoyment of the subject. 

The constant updates are appreciated and my workload has come down by at least 50%. Thank you!!!

James De Wit

Fourways High School

Previous EMS workbooks included the accounting. This confused the learners. The accounting activities were outdated and there were not enough activities.

The Wamark EMS Workbooks broaden the view of the learners. The workbooks are interesting and up to date. The learners enjoy the work and can relate to it. Their marks, work ethic and work standard has improved.

I recommend these workbooks to all EMS teachers of our country.

M Labaschagne

Edenvale High School

Previous resource material was very boring. I found the content “scanty” – no real substance. It was irrelevant and outdated – not current or keeping abreast of times. The learners could also not relate to the material.

I have found the Wamark EMS Workbooks BRILLIANT! I cannot explain enough how it facilitates sequential, coherent and uninterrupted teaching. The workbooks are also VERY LEARNER FRIENDLY. The learners enjoy working within the parameters of a solid structure. The workbooks are EDUCATOR FRIENDLY – Educators are not left in any dilemma regarding the teaching of EMS and has made teaching FUN, FUN, FUN!

The learners have responded very positively and they love the workbook. They like and enjoy the current issues that are relevant to their lives. They contribute enthusiastically to class discussions. It is amazing how these discussions are “transformed” now – they are more facilitative.

I commend Wamark Publishers on a job well done! Particularly for the brilliant “after sales service”. They are at our service always – long after payment has been made – this is almost unbelievable!

Nelina Naidoo

Greenside High School